5 steps to a contract


Finders Seekers recruitment process

Every recruitment process is slightly different, but in a typical case the stages for you as a software developer would look like this:

1. You find one of our open positions interesting and contact us – alternatively, we find you interesting for one of our open positions, and contact you. After going over the main points of the role and your interests on the phone, assuming we both feel it’s a match, we’ll agree on a meeting to talk face to face.

2. Meeting with Finders Seekers. The point of this meeting is for you to get a good understanding of the role and what it could offer you, and for us to hear more about what you’re interested in to see if the role could be a good fit. Our aim is to make sure your next career step is in the right direction – if it sounds like this role isn’t the right place for you, we’ll tell it straight, and think about what could be a better match considering your ambitions.

3. Meeting with your potential future employer. After finding you the right position, the next step is having a discussion with the company in question (we’ll be by your side every step of the way). You’ll get to meet the people there, and get a deeper understanding of what the work would look like for you. This is a time of two-sided evaluation – does the company meet your standards, and are you what the company is looking for? Did we find a match?

4. Technical discussions. Of course, it’s not enough that you just like each other and the role sounds interesting; the technical side needs to be a match as well. Are your development styles and ways of working complementary? Is your skill level right for this role? This is the time to go deeper into the tech side and meet more of your future colleagues.

5. Offer negotiation and signing the contract. Getting close to the finish line! Throughout the discussions, our aim is to find the best match both ways – a big part of this is making sure you get an offer you’re happy with. Once everything is agreed on and you’ve set a start date with your new employer, all that’s left to do is celebrate! Lunch is on us, we’re eager to hear how things have started off in your new role :)