You probably found your way here because you need some excellent reasons for why employer branding matters. You already believe in it, but maybe your C-suite doesn’t see the value yet?

Remember, you’ll already be doing really really well if you are able to implement three (3 !!) employer branding metrics a year and accurately monitor the results. And don’t forget: if a specific KPI isn’t working for you after the first quarter, switch it out!

If employer branding consists of four stages, which stage are you currently stuck at? Is your basecamp on secure ground, or is at significant risk of a serious collapse during its first week? How about your intermediate peaks: are they spaced out enough in order for you to reach the summit?

When we want to make working employer branding plans more precise and clear we need metrics set up – and a marketing-like approach helps us with that.

Here's what our Senior Tech Recruiter Bea Grandell has learned about hiring Chief Technology Officers (CTO) for startups...

Employer branding is not about trying to get high visibility by posting your job ads on popular job boards. It’s not the company Instagram. It's much more.

"As recruiters we shouldn’t think of a workplace as if we were choosing it for ourselves, but rather have in mind the ideal developer that would."

Sofia and Petra sitting together and looking at a laptop

In the long-run, a focused and clear talent acquisition strategy helps everyone involved in recruitment save time and resources.

Slush is right around corner and this year, we at Finders Seekers, wanted to boost the growth of one super […]

Once at a client party I started chatting with an HR person who was soon joined by her colleague, one […]

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