Employer Branding videos with FiSe & Heimo Films 🎥

EB boost video service with Finders Seekers and Heimo Films

🎉  Showcase gems of your culture and attract top talent with stunning videos and targeted campaigns. We’re excited to announce our new EB Boost service, created in partnership with Heimo Films 🎉

EB Boost includes

💡 A workshop to define your employer branding goals and key selling points. 

💡 3 videos that showcase your people, culture, values or specific job roles.

💡 8-week video campaign including paid social media campaigns & organic posts (excl. ad budget). 

💡 Idea bank of posts for your employees to spread the word.

Price: 11 300€ + VAT excluding ad budget. 

Let's get started - contact Lassi or Eetu 🗣️

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Employees are your secret employer branding upper hand. An ambassador program is a systematic approach for you to harness the full potential of employees' voices on social media and offline.

Did you know that the Ostrich and Zebra work together to stay alert to predators’ attacks, relying on the excellent eyesight of the zebra and the great sense of smell of the ostriches? Without one another, their chances of survival are reduced significantly, however, together they maintain a heightened chance of seeing another day!

Is Employer Branding budgeting on your table? Do you wonder what to include in your EB plan/strategy and how much does it cost? Tough, right? Hang in there, we’re here to help! One of Finders Seekers’ missions is to bring more clarity and simplicity to EB ambiguity. That’s why we wanted to share our expertise by developing a simple employer branding budgeting template.

Talent persona, candidate persona, candidate profile: whatever you call it, creating a talent persona is an essential employer branding exercise. For this guide, let’s use the term talent persona (talent here refers to an employee in a specific field of work, and the persona part helps color in the actual person through their interests, hobbies, and behavior).