EB Buddy – sparring & workshops

EB Buddy

Are you left alone with the development of your employer branding in your company? Don’t know where to start? Would you like a personal 1-1 sparring buddy?

At Finders Seekers, we can offer you the expertise of our Senior EB professionals as your personal EB Buddy for both strategic and hands-on EB work. Our EB Buddy – service consists of co-working sessions, which provide help in getting started with strategic employer branding and putting the plan into action, or can help you with a specific EB area you have challenges with. The content of the service is always tailored for your specific needs.

Minimum EB Buddy – service package includes 5 x 2 h co working sessions = 2200€.


Employer Branding workshops

It’s all about people, always. Your company’s success is dependant on how your teams and individuals succeed. When is the last time you reminded them about this fact? How much time a quarter is dedicated to professional learning? Do your employees have the mandate and tools for being employee advocates? If not yet, FiSe’s EB team are happy to come and kickstart this in your organization through varied workshops, for example, “Employee Excellence” and “Employee Advocacy”. Praise your employees, make them bloom with the right tools and tips – let us help you out!

Employer branding is definitely NOT just HR or recruitment! It’s marketing. Do you want to improve your HR and recruitment teams’ marketing skills – and vice versa – so your organisation’s EB work is a well-oiled machine updated to the 2020’s?

See our workshops:

Employee Excellence Workshop
Employee Advocacy Workshop