We have welcomed new shareholders to Finders Seekers!

Finders Seekers’ core mission is to build winning teams. One important factor of a winning team is ensuring that individuals have ownership of their own work and can impact how the team works to shape the future of the company. 

And we believe that sharing the ownership of Finders Seekers is one major step toward building our winning team and achieving business success. 

That is why this Fall, we are happy to welcome new shareholders into our company – all of whom are our existing employees. 

All companies are made of people and it’s the people who create and embody the company. Finders Seekers’ growth story would be nothing without our employees! This is something we strongly believe in, and that’s why we wanted to make sure our crew gets the chance to have a concrete share of the story they have joined to build” says the CEO and Co-founder Sofia Pohls. 

Most importantly it means we are in this together. Building the FiSe story to disrupt the talent acquisition and employer branding industry. We have complete trust in our team’s expertise and their drive to be part of making a real change in the industry”, summarizes Petra Erkkilä, Co-founder and Head of Employer Branding. 

A strong signal of trust in the company was that every single employee wanted to join the shareholder program. “This just goes to show how committed our team is to being on this great journey together – not just as employees, but as part-owners of the company.” says Saku Ruus, Co-founder and Head of Sales.

The issuance of new shares was open for all the employees of Finders Seekers after their initial 6 months at the company, and offered them an opportunity to be part of the shareholders’ meeting and to receive dividends. We plan to extend this opportunity to the first 20 employees of Finders Seekers.

Welcome, new partners:

Anni Helinen

Jesse Helin

Joel Mustonen

Johanna Ilves

Mira Günther

Pipsa Aro

Ida Mansikkamäki

🧡 With love,
Sofia, Petra & Saku