5 ways to fail a recruitment process

🧨 The candidate is left hanging in the air. Sometimes hiring managers want to go through all interview rounds and assignments with all the candidates before proceeding, which can result in long processing times and the subsequent loss of momentum and engagement. In our current competitive environment, it is crucial to act fast and communicate with all the parties throughout the process.

🧨 Overpromising and misrepresenting the opportunity. While we want to present the position in the best possible way, we should also offer realistic information about the actual duties and growth opportunities that there are. It is useless to create false expectations about a position, as this will be a waste of everyone’s time.

🧨 Too many interview rounds with lots of people on each. Nowadays, candidates expect a couple of interview rounds and perhaps an assignment to test their skills. Having more than two or three interviewers is not only intimidating but also impractical, not to mention the scheduling issues and how they can lengthen the overall process.

🧨 Expecting a difficult role to be filled by itself. “Alright, the job description is in our career site and LinkedIn, now let’s wait for applications to come!”. That may work for junior roles, but experienced professionals are often already happily employed and are not actively looking around for a change. Not to mention getting them to fill in multi-page application forms with lots of compulsory fields.

🧨 Lacking market knowledge about local talent pool and salary levels. Often hiring managers are very disconnected from the market reality. They demand a number of niche skills, the salary range is not competitive and they are only willing to hire people that already live in Finland. In these cases, it’s important to be realistic and research what the market situation is.

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