How to write a great job ad (downloadable template)!

Succeed in your talent communication!

Finding and attracting talent has become
a real challenge for many businesses.

A well-written job ad is a good starting point to engage with
the right candidates, tell them about your business.

Writing an informative yet compelling job ad is demanding
and, therefore, we at Finders Seekers want to help you to
succeed in your talent communication with the help of this

You can differentiate from your competitors by having
better structured job ads with concrete details
about the work.

This will lead you to be better equipped to attract the right
talent and get those good applicants.

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General tips you’ll find in this job ad template:

  • Follow the basic format of describing the big picture first and then zooming into the role at hand.
  • End with a call-to-action. This makes the reading experience smooth.
  • Always use inclusive language and general terms, instead of internal jargon. This will help you to connect with a broader talent audience.
  • Ensure there are no grammar and spelling mistakes, repetition, nor long bullet point lists. The language that you use should reflect your company/team culture – it’s okay to have a twinkle in the eye, too!
  • Extra-effort: Include relevant/interesting links (or even videos!) to your job ad – it can be a career story of a future colleague, an example client project, etc.