Ida Joenpolvi – Meet Our New Senior IT Talent Advisor

Hey everyone!

I am the second Ida to join Finders Seekers and I started my journey at the company back in December 2020! Over the last few years, I have helped support many Finnish companies with their growth plans, working with brands like Finnair and Swappie. My experience in digital talent recruitment has been developed both in consultant and in-house roles.

Quality recruiting, please!

I think quality is an important tenet of recruitment. Quality is a multi-dimensional concept that means different things to different people. For me, quality means that you are always serving two clients: both the company/team/manager who is recruiting, and the candidate themselves.

In order to serve both parties well, it’s imperative that the recruitment process has been built and planned out in advance, and that the recruiting organization understands recruitment. Changing jobs is a big decision for an individual, and recruitment is also a big commitment for a company. Settling for subpar quality in recruitment is a really shortsighted approach.

My motivators: story, product & people

There are many things about working in recruitment that make the job interesting: it is easy to stay motivated and inspired.

In my eyes, recruitment is embedded in a company’s story: its past and present. It’s always great to be able to share interesting brand stories with potential candidates. In this kind of storytelling, I think realism is paramount: highlight the good stuff, but be transparent about the potential challenges too.

The story behind the company that is recruiting is also intimately bound up with the products or services it sells. I get excited when the product is something interesting and innovative, whether that be from a technical viewpoint, or it is just remarkable in other ways.

Last but not least, I am really motivated by being able to work with such a wide range of people. I like kicking ideas back and forth and finding solutions, especially when we can solve things together!

After hours

Outside of work I am comfortable both at home and out and about exploring the world. Travel is really close to my heart, though right now my “travel destination” tends to mainly be my local forest. For me, I like to maintain a healthy balance by spending time with my loved ones and exercising – plus I need a nice dose of time completely to myself to help me restore my energy after a hectic and social day :)