IT Recruitment – expectations vs. reality


As a junior IT recruiter, I have started to break some of the myths or expectations that I had about my work when I started. Here are three things that are not as one can imagine when starting in this field:

1. EXPECTATION: A recruitment partner acts as a mere vendor that sends candidates into clients.

This is certainly true for certain agencies but let’s make it clear, not for the good ones! The role of a recruitment partner is to be a sort of an extended HR unit that takes care of the first steps of the process. That requires close cooperation between the parties, fluent communication and knowledge of what the work of the candidate would look like in practice.

2. EXPECTATION: The work is done once the right person is found.

There is a big amount of work involved in sourcing, screening, interviewing and arranging the first interviews at the client. However, the way until the person starts in their role is still long. Supporting both parties during the offer stage and facilitating the acceptance and signing of the contract is a critical part that, if left unattended, can ruin the whole process. The market is very competitive, many developers are already happily employed and changing jobs always has a risk. For that reason, we should not undervalue the importance of this second stage of the recruitment.

3.EXPECTATION: An IT recruiter should know a lot about software development.

A good understanding of how IT processes work and what the different types of developers do is very helpful to understand the role. However, as you go through the different roles (back-end developer, architect, system administrator, mobile developer…) you start to see that there are many commonalities. That is, in an interview, you can ask engineers to tell about their projects, team dynamics and career ambitions. There is no need to know how to code to be able to qualify a developer, it’s enough to have a good overview of the different IT roles and ask a few questions that are specific to each of them.

Finders Seekers also arranges recruitment training and last year we organized an IT recruitment training especially handling the above-mentioned matters.

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