IT Direct Search

When you urgently need to fill 1-3 key tech roles, Tech Direct Search is the right service for you.

We’ll find you a Senior Fullstack Developer, an Android Developer, CTO, an experienced Test Automation Pro, or a needle in the haystack if that’s what you need.

Also internationally, no problem.

“We would need that developer yesterday! 🆘”

We hear you – and we got you.

When you’re choosing a recruitment partner, make sure they’re specialised in Tech industry, developers and other Tech professionals.

This is very important, so you can attract the right talent. Recruitment partners specialised in Tech industry know the developers well and can communicate with them in the way they understand best; is it about the tech stack you’re using, your organisation’s unique selling points and values.

Tech Recruitment is what we know best and Tech Direct Search is right in its core. We have +150 years of modern Tech recruitment experience in our team and we receive praising feedback from our customers regularly.

The most important thing, of course, is the results: our customers get to hire the best, gravely needed Tech talent to strengthen their team – and growth.

P.S. We’re highly skilled in remote recruiting; everything from sourcing to interviewing and onboarding – and we are happy to coach you on these subjects as well during these trying times.

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