Juan Castellano, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Juan, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Could you tell us your story? Who is Juan, and what does he enjoy doing besides his daily job?

I’m originally from Asturias, Spain and came to Finland as an exchange student back in 2011. After deciding to stay, I have worked in different marketing and sales roles but always in close contact with people as that is what I enjoy the most from my work. My biggest hobby is reading, which suits perfectly the long and dark Finnish winters. I mostly read contemporary fiction.

What do you do at Finders Seekers and what does your day usually look like?

My role as a talent acquisition consultant consists of sourcing candidates for different IT roles, so I contact them, we have an interview and then I introduce the most suitable persons to the client. A normal day combines the sourcing tasks with candidate interviews and the occasional client meetings.

What is something that really motivates you to get up every morning and do your job?

The potential to make an impact in the life of a person by bringing them an interesting job opportunity. We spend a good part of our lives in the workplace, so it is important to do something meaningful and that we enjoy.

What is your favourite thing about your job and working here?

My colleagues! It’s a joy to work with such a friendly and easy-going team, plus we have a very interesting and diverse client portfolio. I also love our office located in the district of Kruununhaka.

What interests you in the recruitment industry?

Many candidates have had poor experiences during a hiring process or when approached by recruiters. That’s why it is relatively easy to stand out of the crowd by offering smooth recruiting processes with a human touch, building long-term connections with candidates and clients. What is interesting is that through recruitment we have the opportunity to shape the future of companies. As people are the most important asset of a firm, as recruiters we can feel part of the success of our clients.

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