Meet Tia Suokas: Our New IT Talent Advisor

Hey there!

Tia here; I’ve been working as an IT talent advisor at Finders Seekers since April 2021.

How did I end up working in recruitment?

Amongst recruiters, there is a bit of a tradition that we all sort of accidentally end up in recruitment, and I’m no different! 

While I was abroad on a study exchange I majored in international management, but outside of that my studies were mainly focused on financial management and law. After I returned to Finland I got my first role as a team lead in banking services in the heart of Savonia in my home town of Kuopio.

Kuopio felt really small after Singapore and I missed the big city vibes. I got the opportunity to move to Helsinki with the same company and transfer to their HR team, an opportunity I was only too happy to grab! I packed my bags and began my journey towards becoming a HR specialist….

At the time, my role in HR was very much focused on the backend side of people management: supporting managers, billing, event management, processing new hires etc. In my team at the time, we had only one person who was dedicated to recruitment full-time and their hands were always pretty full.

There was definitely a need for an extra pair of hands, so I eagerly volunteered to help; I started out by writing job ads, shortlisting candidates based on their applications, arranging interviews, and posting job ads on various platforms. Slowly, the role started to grow, I learned more about recruitment, and I was eventually given a 100% recruitment role.

My road to IT recruitment

The basics of recruitment stay the same no matter what industry you’re working in, but the world of IT recruitment is definitely something else. The pace of change and the energy that goes into IT recruitment cannot really be matched. I got a great recruitment grounding in finance, but I felt like I was a bit out of sync with the finance industry.

I dived in at the deep-end when I joined Ambientia and together we embarked on a journey to mould me into an IT recruitment pro; the journey was a high-octane one filled with new lessons. At Ambientia I had big boots to fill; I was in charge of the entire recruitment process, and I was also doing employer branding work — talk about getting stuck in!

Finders Seekers — taking on new challenges

I started in the Finders Seekers recruitment team in the spring of 2021, surrounded by an ace team of real recruitment pros. There is really no better place to develop your skills as a recruiter than here! 

Now I am also learning new skills as a consultant; thankfully one of my favourite things is to always keep on learning. The best thing about working in recruitment is the fact that you have to keep on developing, jumping into new things, and looking at issues from multiple different angles. Continuous learning and development are both things that really motivate me professionally.

My hobbies are the perfect counterbalance to my hectic work life:

🐦Bird-watching and the great outdoors

🌊 Sailing and water sports keep the ex-competitive swimmer in me happy

📚 Books & board games.

Get to know me over on LinkedIn!

If you need some help with recruitment, or want to find out more about our services, send a message to our Head of Sales, Lassi, [email protected].