My Summer as Talent Acquisition Trainee at Finders Seekers

I’m Vera and this is the story of my summer internship at FiSe. 

How I Found My Way to FiSe Team

My career path began in the educational sector where I did my best to help my students improve their English skills. I had been working in China as an English teacher for 2 years, when I found myself in the recruitment field for the first time. I started with recruiting teachers for the company I worked at and my passion for meeting new people eventually led me to an HR role. Back then I realized it was a great experience and I learned how to interact in a multicultural environment. 

I came to Finland in March due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite the sad circumstances that brought me here, I really like Finland and would like to stay here as Finnish values and lifestyle resonate well with me.

So, when I arrived in Finland I already knew how I wanted to contribute to society – I wanted to work in IT recruitment. I’ve always been interested in working in a fast-paced environment and the tech industry is a high-demand field that’s constantly evolving. Additionally, the whole startup ecosystem was a wow factor for me. I mean, Finland isn’t big but the level of innovation here is mind blowing.

I started looking for a new opportunity by making a LinkedIn post and surprisingly got amazing visibility – 1,4 million impressions and more than 11 000 reactions! So many people reached out to me and shared my post; The Linkedin community really showed its power. It was so lovely to see how many people are ready to help and support you in these tough times. Finders Seekers were one of them. That’s how I eventually ended up at FiSe. I was so happy to get an opportunity to step into the tech recruitment world!

Summer of Work and Fun

My time at FiSe started with a summer day party at the beginning of June, where I met the whole team and got to know these amazing people. A cosy cottage next to the lake, delicious food and drinks, guitar and good company. What could be a better way to start my summer adventure?

Even though I was new in the company, I instantly felt like a part of the team. During my internship I had a chance to be fully involved in the daily work and various tasks. I joined both internal and client meetings, sourced for different tech roles and got to experience how employer branding workshops are facilitated. FiSe colleagues always gave me feedback on each task and that helped me to have a better understanding of the recruitment process. During my internship I gained valuable knowledge, experience and practical skills. The team’s professionalism and passion inspired me to get better every day.

What makes FiSe special, is their love for what they do.They truly care about their client’s needs and have a strong desire to help people change their life for the better and find their dream job. Being a FiSe team member means being a part of a family. It’s a place where new ideas are always welcomed, where developing and finding new ways of working never stop, where the perfect work/life balance is not just a word, where you are never alone and always get support and help.

FiSe is not only about business stuff, it’s also about having fun both at work and outside of work. At the end of August me and my colleagues went to Ed Sheeran’s concert which was amazing. It was really great to spend time together and enjoy the good music together with the colleagues, outside of the office space.

Thank you Finders Seekers’ team for the warm atmosphere, all the fun, new experiences and interesting challenges. But most of all, thank you for validating my love for recruitment, I strongly believe this is a career path I want to follow.

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