Meet the new captain – Lassi is now Head of Sales

Lassi only joined FiSe last August, but he has already become a super important and valued member of the team. Lassi’s extensive track record in demanding sales roles has given him plenty of insights into the wonderful world of sales, recruitment, and IT.  

And as FiSe itself is going through another exciting growth phase, Lassi is taking on a key position in the scale-up by stepping into a new role as Head of Sales. 

Lassi’s road to FiSe

Lassi started his career at a young age by doing sales at his father’s company. The biggest professional turning point for Lassi was the exchange student semester he spent in the United States during his college years: 

“A whole new world opened up before me and I decided to settle abroad permanently. Through experimentation, I set out to carve out my own career.” 

Next for Lassi came many years abroad – passing through many countries in a variety of roles at companies of all shapes and sizes. Lassi has solid experience in software sales, which helps him nail sales at FiSe. 

During his years abroad, Lassi had time to experience and try plenty of new things, including starting ice hockey in the Netherlands eight years ago. (“Because why the hell not?!”)

Finally, the road took Lassi back to Finland: “I decided to come back to Finland in 2018 to test the waters and see what it’s like here. Since coming back, I have been mainly working in recruitment.” 

Growth and organizational change at Finders Seekers 

As FiSe continues to scale up, organizational changes are essential to help support further growth. Lassi was a natural choice to lead sales at the company. He appreciates the fact that operative roles and responsibilities are given to (relatively) new hires at FiSe.

Even though his role at FiSe is officially changing, Lassi is pretty well-versed in what a Head of Sales at FiSe does already.

“As the FiSe team grows, we want to scale the sales team with it. In the past, I have led similar teams and also hired salespeople myself. 

As I take over the Head of Sales role from Saku, I will be able to bring a razor sharp focus to the role, whereas Saku’s role has naturally been a bit broader to reflect FiSe’s journey as a growth company. 

As the new Head of Sales my role will focus solely on new customer acquisition.” 

What is sales at Finders Seekers like? 

Lassi feels that sales at FiSe is incredibly rewarding. 

“In general, the best thing about it is that you get both responsibility and freedom: you have goals, but you also have free rein on how to achieve those goals.  

I’ve been an athletics coach since I was 15, and I like to be a “coaching” leader. It’s great to grow a team and to get to sell alongside all sorts of different characters.”

A good team spirit, team work, and working with all sorts of people are important to Lassi. 

“When it comes to new customer acquisition, it is fascinating how closely it dovetails with marketing. It’s great to be able to build a holistic sales funnel.” 

Seeker strengths 

Among other things, Lassi feels one of FiSe’s strengths are the wide range of services on offer. 

“We have three distinctive business units: training, EB (employer branding), and recruitment. This allows us to offer a prospective customer a perfectly tailormade solution.” 

In terms of sales, Lass believes that the most important thing is to focus on creating a positive experience for the customer. Each sales meeting should provide some added value and the conversation should always be transparent. 

According to Lassi, FiSe employees are all pros, genuinely motivated by what they do: “We have put together our own ‘winning team’. Thanks to their expertise, we pretty much always receive positive customer feedback, which helps us maintain high customer referral rates. When you do a job properly, you can see it reflected in sales and referral figures.” 

FiSe’s brand and atmosphere also receive a lot of praise from Lassi: 

“We have a really positive brand that can be seen and heard. FiSe has an open, positive, and future-thinking vibe.” 

The future of sales 

As Head of Sales, Lassi wants to continue to do the things that FiSe gets right. 

“The most important and the most rewarding thing in any sales work is when you sit down with a customer and find a solution that really benefits them – and you do that together. 

I want to foster the consultative and customer-oriented sales culture that Saku has created. It’s the right way to do sales and it is also super rewarding; though obviously it requires a fair bit of skill to know how to have the right conversation and then offer a suitable solution off the back of it.” 

Finder Seekers’s products and services are key to the brand’s consultative sales culture: 

“We have three distinct service offerings that allow us to always perfectly tailor our services to the customer in question.” 

Want to know about what FiSe could do for you? Get in touch with Lassi over on +358 50 331 8845 or [email protected].