Our love letter to all recruiters

As recruiters, we don’t always get enough recognition and our value is often measured by how many roles we can fill, how many placements we can deliver, or by our billing rate, and other quantitative measures.

Having been in recruitment for the last 5 years, I know that we do much more every day than just fill roles. I wanted to share a couple more things that we do and should all be really proud of as recruiters.

  • Helping candidates with their LinkedIn profiles and job resumes.
  • Preparing candidates for their interviews and coaching them through the process.
  • Listening to the candidates’ career goals and mentoring them towards the right path.
  • Calmly advising candidates on inflated salary expectations.
  • Mentoring candidates on salary aspirations that are below market.
  • Giving honest feedback after an interview that had gone wrong.
  • Supporting and offering help to candidates after they told you about missing out on the job offer.
  • Coaching hiring managers through difficult recruitment processes and assisting throughout the hiring process.
  • Helping unsuitable candidates during screening calls to re-focus their approach and efforts towards a new role.
  • Helping other recruiters and hiring managers improve their interview skills and close candidates.
  • Sparring with your team and sharing your experiences and knowledge with others.
  • Giving advice and guidance to so many candidates over the years.

And this list goes on. I’m sure that you can think of more points to add.

So be proud!

The little things do matter.

You do so much good every day! It is not just about getting someone hired.
These might not bring you any recognition in your organization, but please remember to celebrate these little things as they are just as important or even more so than closing a hire.

With these actions you will always create a bigger impact around you than with just hiring as many as you can.

Cheers to recruiters all around the world – you have the power to make a massive organizational-level impact but also to provide humane experiences for all those candidates out there who will always remember how you made them feel!

Yours truly,
Lead, Direct Search Recruitment

Joel posted this message to our Finders Seekers #sugarcube Slack channels where we give praise to our colleagues internally. So we thought, let’s spread the love and share it with the world! 💛
A similar post was originally posted by Greg Savage. Check out the savage truth blog.