Rachid – Finders Seekers’ Business Development Manager

Hi there! 🙋‍♂️

I am Rachid; I was born and raised in Espoo, and (in my opinion), it is still the best place to live! I graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), and since my studies I have developed my career in the dynamic field of sales. I started my career journey in B2C sales and gradually made my way towards B2B sales.

Social interactions with different people from every corner of life are the spice of my life, and I firmly believe that every encounter between people enriches the mind and teaches us something new about the world we live in!

Before Finders Seekers, I worked in various positions in different companies across the business spectrum. My latest gig was in the IT industry, where my job description included working with infrastructure and hardware. Like I said, my career path is eclectic and diverse – one of my summer jobs was selling fresh vegetables and berries in the local market square!  

What do I bring to Finders Seekers?

I started as a Business Development Manager and my work is focused on sales. I work alongside our clients and my goal is to help them resolve any recruitment related issues that they have. At the same time, I take part in the development of Finders Seekers’s internal sales and business processes. When you listen to your work community’s ideas and thoughts, you find countless possibilities to think and implement your inner vision and put new ideas into action. Only the sky’s the limit!

What keeps my body moving and my mind agile?

My body stays in shape by regular gym workouts, long strolls in the nature, and swimming. To be honest, I get endless inspiration from the stories and experiences that the people I meet share with me. Hearing the achievements of creative and fearless people feeds my own creativity, and I believe that better world is built by establishing innovative and new ways of doing things and reaching goals together!

Sales work with a sharp eye

My work in sales allows me to constantly meet new people, and every single one of them brings their unique experiences and expertise to the table. It is this everyday learning through interacting with people that makes my job so rewarding. Sales work is all about building bridges between people, companies, and environments.

Bring a group of different people, expertise, and ideas around the same table – that’s when the magic happens!

Social skills, sensitivity, and an ability to listen are definitely some of my core strengths. Without mutual trust, sales work is impossible. That’s why it is paramount to build long-lasting and profound customer relationships.

Business understanding, courage, and a curiosity for international talent acquisition are values that we all share here at Finders Seekers. This is the energy that I will also be bringing to the team and my clients.