Ramping up Logmore’s recruiting processes

Slush is right around corner and this year, we at Finders Seekers, wanted to boost the growth of one super lucky startup by offering our recruitment audit and setup for free! 

We organized a competition in October, where startups were able to pitch why they should win recruitment coaching service. 

The lucky winner was Logmore, a young Finnish startup that develops cutting-edge solutions for decreasing waste in the world. Logmore has big ambitions to grow next year, however, lacks knowledge in how to build a recruitment strategy and how to attract the tech talent the whole world is looking for. 

The reasons we chose Logmore as the winner, is their genuine interest in learning how to do recruitment better in a more structured and candidate friendly manner. These melted Petra’s and Sofia’s recruiter hearts! ❤️

Off to work to make that ambitious growth plan reality“, we said!  

1st day – The recruitment funnel

On the first day, Logmore’s marketer Jani Moisiola arrived at our office with barely any knowledge about recruitment, according to himself. In order to really get an overview on what is recruitment made of, we started the coaching by introducing Finders Seekers’ Strategic Talent Acquisition funnel as a whole.

Soon, Jani realised, that the same funnel is used also in marketing – just different terms used. In a nutshell, we introduced and at the same time analysed Logmore’s status quo of the following areas:

  1. business strategy and vision
  2. talent strategy
  3. most important talent personas
  4. awareness of Logmore
  5. converting interest into recruitment conversations (applications)
  6. career discussions
  7. selection
  8. hiring. 

Afterwards, we mirrored the current situation to Logmore’s growth vision and drew the roadmap on the whiteboard; this is how we are going to grow the team in a sustainable way.

The second half of the day started at Icebreaker’s office where we were kindly invited by Jukka Kujala. The afternoon was fully dedicated to brainstorming inbound methods to attract recruitment leads. And we did come up with some wild, crazy and yet some very concrete inbound ideas to boost Logmore’s employer image in the prioritised candidate markets.

Whoa – what an intense day and yet, very inspiring and eye-opening! 

2nd day – Recruitment process creation

We continued on Wednesday by diving deeper into Logmore’s recruitment process. By breaking down the current process into smaller steps, we were able to identify the purpose and owner for each step – we asked; what value does each part of the process bring to both Logmore and the candidate. From thereon, we used service design methods to identify the candidate journey and candidate’s emotions throughout Logmore’s recruitment process. 

As the key talent personas of Logmore differentiate quite a bit (tech sales and cloud developers), we tailored and differentiated the candidate journey for both. Always still keeping our aim clear – we needed a recruitment process that turns candidates into Logmore ambassadors (even if they don’t get selected)! The importance of clearly defined candidate meeting agendas were also discussed – when Logmore gets a candidate to start a career discussion, they need to know what to ask them, what not to ask them, and what kind of tasks to give them. 

The whole point was to create a recruitment process that is so functionable that hiring around 100 people in 2020 is possible. After mapping out the process, it was obvious that the speed of recruitment needs to fairly high – no room for delays in following up with candidates – otherwise the process would take too long and candidates to be lost!

Also to support the functionality of the process, we taught about the KPIs of recruitment, quality of hires, how much does recruitment cost, and why do these metrics matter. At Finders Seekers we are firm believers of data-driven recruitment – also in smaller organisations!  

Voila! We have a functionable recruitment process at our hands, value maps of the process, and interview questions! 

3rd day – Hands-on recruitment and personal branding

On day 3 we had three missions: 

  1. to learn how to communicate about your recruitment opportunities in job ads and in direct headhunting message to candidates 
  2. to learn how to build one’s personal brand on LinkedIn, and 
  3. to bring all the knowledge together we’d gained during the past three days!

First, we dived deeper into the world of LinkedIn and how to use your personal brand in recruitment. Then we looked at the inbound recruitment marketing plan and how to turn it into action. Finally, as we know that the war for talent is over and talent won, we took a look at sourcing and contacting candidates. We polished Logmore’s message, screened profiles and identified factors that would make a candidate successful in the job. 

Then it was time to wrap up! 

We bounced different ideas how to resource recruitment for next year. Whether to hire a recruiter, or to use an external one? Or first to use an external recruiter and then hire Logmore’s own once the setup was established. 

We went back to the recruitment funnel and we guess all of us could agree that we covered tons of topics and ideas in three days! Now, all that was left was the little thing called implementation… 😄

Thank you, Logmore, for the great 3 days we got to spend with you! Your story deserves to be heard – all the best in your growth journey! 😊


Petra and Sofia