Software Engineer! 5 + 1 Reasons To Join Unity Helsinki

Did you know that right in the heart of Helsinki a group of approximately 200 people are passionate about creating a world with more creators in it? 

Around half of these folks are responsible for developing a key component in Unity’s game development platform: its unique user acquisition platform.

The technical challenges solved in the Citycenter everyday are not only big on the Helsinki scale, but huge on a global scale. 

From receiving hundreds of thousands of requests per second to developing Unity’s gaming platform with the latest tech, Unity offers an interesting range of technical challenges for developers from all different backgrounds, not just game developers. 

So, as a software developer, why should you join Unity Helsinki?

At Unity, you’ll have the best colleagues

As much as Unity values bright minds, we also value people with a positive approach to others and a passion for building the best company together. Unity is a place filled with people who lead with empathy and respect.

Everyone has a voice they are encouraged to use, whether that’s on how we make crucial technical decisions or how we define our company culture. Teams have incredibly diverse backgrounds and everyone is given space to contribute in the spirit of one our core values: the best ideas win

At Unity, a growth mindset is appreciated. Our value go bold allows people to make mistakes and learn from them. At Unity, you get to work with the best, which means endless opportunities for learning. Collaboration in smaller groups is highly encouraged, and team sizes vary from 5 to 10. 

Startup by heart with an employee-led culture

While we’ve already grown into a well-established company we still cherish our Nordic startup roots. We keep bureaucracy to a minimum and only adopt processes that help us to work better. Big company resources are at our disposal when we need to go bold and do things outside of the ordinary. 

Unity is flexible, allowing you to combine your personal and professional lives. Be it picking up your kids from daycare at 4pm, fitting in your work around your hobbies, coming in a bit later, having an appointment in the middle of the day, or working till later: we ensure that you get the flexibility you need. 

Engineering is at the core of our company culture and values 

Engineers are involved in our products all the way from ideation to production operation. We value good engineering practices: quality and maintainability in the way we build our products.

We are guided by two engineering values: empowerment and accountability. Empowerment means that developers have the opportunity to make decisions on an individual level. Teams can organize their own processes and decide on their own ways of working. 

While our mature microservice infrastructure and CI/CD tooling handles the heavy lifting, our teams are left with the freedom to focus on building what really matters with the tools they choose. While React dominates our dashboard, Golang our backends, Tensorflow our ML, and C# and C++ our engine, many teams still opt to use whatever language, framework or tool best fits the problem or their own backgrounds. 

When teams are allowed to be independent and decide on their own tools, accountability steps into the picture. You build it, you own it, you run it. There is a lot of freedom at Unity, but with that freedom comes responsibility to deliver great work. 

One of our primary missions is technical disruption 

Technology is at the core of everything we do. Not only do we use the latest available tools and technologies, we also build the next generation of tools and technology for our customers. This keeps our work interesting and challenging, and allows us to always be learning something new.

Unity started off primarily as a game engine, but now our platform has numerous other applications. Besides games, the Unity real-time 3D development platform is used in arts and the cinema, the architectural and construction industries, as well as the automotive industry.

Unity is a trend-setter in many ways. Our tech stack is very modern, but rather than just using cool technology for the sake of it, we understand the value of solving real problems with the right technical solutions.

From services receiving hundreds of thousands of requests per second to machine learning, 3D engines, compiler design and much more, Unity has something for everyone.

With great power comes great responsibility 

Big data is Unity’s strength: the data scale here is really unique in the context of Finland. There’s enough data here at Unity to make meaningful predictions: with hundreds of thousands of events in one second, millions of rows of data in an hour, and over a billion events per day, machine learning at Unity is next-level. 

We also take data seriously. We are known for being the GDPR advocates in the gaming industry. But we don’t just stop at gaming: outside of the gaming industry, we take our broader commitment to social responsibility seriously. Being socially responsible means a lot to us and we place great emphasis on it from offering free education programs to carefully considering the importance of the tools we build for the betterment of the world.

As a developer, you have great career growth opportunities at Unity

Career growth is a big focus at Unity. Leadership training is offered to everyone and there are equal opportunities for you to progress your career either as an individual contributor or as an engineering manager. 

Our career progression structure ensures we have dedicated managers who are free to focus on enabling and ensuring growth for our world-class engineers.

Progression at Unity is very transparent and merit-based. When developing our global job architecture, we consulted very closely with our engineers to ensure the system is one that serves them, and not the other way round. 

Unity’s in it together mentality is more than just a statement: it is an embodiment of how we value and treat our people. As a developer, you don’t need to choose a managerial path to be able to progress, as there are clear steps for engineers to progress as specialists too.

Sounds pretty good, eh? If you got inspired, feel free to check out the (numerous) open positions at Unity Helsinki