Career Site Refresh & Design

If your target talent segment can’t easily access your career opportunities, company culture and other information – you have a problem. We help design or re-design your career site to be more candidate friendly!

We help make your career site candidate friendly.

Your career site is where most of the traffic is driven from your Employer Branding activities. It’s the place where the candidate can and should find all the information they need to know about you as an employer. It’s the first place they usually roam, after their initial trigger of “Hey, I wonder if they have open positions and what kind of company they are?”

For this reason your career site should be candidate friendly, especially for your priority talent segments.

We co-design, build or refresh your career site to speak to your target talent audience. Using co-design and design thinking we discover, define, design, deliver, test and iterate a career site that speaks. to your talent personas. We utilise existing content and spotlight your employer story. Our turn-key career site service includes everything from designing the user flows to wireframes and website copy to conversion points and data analytics.

A smooth career page experience helps convert potential candidates into relevant recruitment discussions.

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