Strategic Employer Branding

Strategic employer branding is all about clarifying and communicating about you as an employer to your internal and external audiences. It’s not about random campaigns and activities but actually an entity that runs through your whole organisation. From the leadership group to marketing and HR, not to mention your tech teams. Would you like to start building your employer brand strategy on a solid base with us?

We’ll start with mapping out your current state, and then either create your EB strategy with you or help you perfect and implement the existing one. Petra and Vivi are the Employer Branding core team, but all of the #Seekers are in your use if needed. Get to know us better from here!

A strategic and longterm approach to Employer Branding enables sustainable talent growth.

Strategic Employer Branding links Employer Branding work to support your business goals; creating the base for attracting talent – be your target talent segment IT and digital talent or talent for another industry.

From a current state analysis to setting your Employer Branding Strategy, based on your genuine employee experience – we define your Employer Brand activities, action steps and KPIs, including your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and define your priority talent personas.

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