Vivi moves into Head of Employer Branding to refine EB strategy through authentic storytelling of genuine employee experiences

As Finders Seekers’s founder Petra settles into her new role as COO, she is simultaneously moving aside to make room for Vivi Brooke, who will become the company’s new Head of Employer Branding. 

FiSe’s new HoEB, Vivi, is a world-class EB pro. Vivi strongly believes that the central role work plays in our lives warrants a deep appreciation of the value-add that a job and a company brings to your life. 

Employee experience is something that we should all be passionate about building end-to-end. As a company, you have an employer brand whether you manage it or not. Using authentic storytelling in employer branding is an effective way to communicate and foster that value-add and genuine employee experience, whether that is as an employee or a candidate.

Vivi’s path to Finders Seekers 

Vivi has a strong commercial in-house background in employer branding, community building, communications, digital marketing, and advertising that has included stints at big international hyper-growth tech companies. 

“My background and experiences have given me a good commercial perspective. I’m able to see the big picture and understand complex strategies.” 

“Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what it’s like to work in the tech industry. I know what it takes to attract the right sort of tech talent by creating a ‘haven’ for tech pros.” 

Storytelling has always been one of Vivi’s strengths: her passion for storytelling has also given her the EB edge: after all, EB is all about telling engaging  and real stories! 

Vivi’s new role as Head of Employer Branding 

As FiSe has recently seen some rapid growth, it was time for some strategic organizational changes. Vivi was called to take Finders Seeker’s EB strategy under her (capable) wings.  

“I’m really excited and honored by the trust that has been given to me. It’s going to be great to take our Employer Branding to the next level together with the team. 

Co-designing our services with our clients and our in-house EB specialists to create our own winning EB team is super important to me! 

With a winning EB team, we can train and provide our customers with effective tools to co-design their EB strategy based on their actual employee experience and communicate their employer brand in a creative and differentiating way… all while measuring the impact of those actions to continue improving. 

As Finders Seekers, we are not just about attracting winning teams, but also about supporting and empowering them. We want to create a place where people feel a deep sense of belonging. 

We want to be a company that truly showcases and embodies employer best practices.”

What is employer brand maturity? 

“For me, a great employer brand always starts with your people and their experiences. Showcasing the values and stories of your employees will ensure that your candidate and employee experience are aligned. People are the essence of EB. 

Brands are really reflections of their culture, and culture comes from your people. Therefore, you really need to make sure your people are involved in creating and sharing your employer brand. 

It’s also important to remember that it’s not about being perfect, but about being genuine. That genuine energy will attract people who truly believe in the journey you are on.

One of my favourite EB-analogies is to think of your company as a university. You have a varsity game and your students come to the game to cheer the varsity sports team on. Whoever is playing in that team is irrelevant, you have a whole university of students coming to cheer for your winning team. They believe in your journey, yet your journey is nothing without them and they define who you are.” 

Employer branding and its importance is a hot topic in Finland right now 

Vivi points out that the importance of EB has grown rapidly in the Finnish market in the past 5 years: 

“In recent years, employer branding in general has gained a lot of momentum in Finland, which is great as I have experience of employer branding on an international scale and in hyper-growth tech companies: I will be bringing that knowledge and know-how to FiSe and the Finnish markets, as well as developing new ways to approach and do EB altogether.”

What is the future of employer branding at FiSe? 

According to Vivi there is a ton of valuable talent in Finders Seekers right now that is ready to be harnessed: 

“The team is motivated, talented, and driven to make a change. I think we can easily use our talent and the methods and strategies that we’ve created at Finders Seekers outside of the tech industry… and in fact, we already do! 

Though we have experience in other industries as well, the war for talent within the tech industry is one of the most difficult ones to master, and this is really our sweet spot. We believe that if we can succeed in the tech industry, we can then leverage that success and apply our knowledge to other industries. We specialize in tech talent audiences, but are not limited to them.

I also believe that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to Finland. We’re already working with clients in India and China. Scaling up to international markets is a big possibility for us in the next few years. 

We’re also looking to grow our EB team in the coming year(s) to build up our own winning team. We’re looking for solution-oriented playful professionals with a passion for people, a growth mindset, and people who are not afraid to take the driver’s seat and challenge the status quo.”

Want to hear more about Employer Branding?
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