4/4/2023 #Fisewebinar

💡Employees are your secret employer branding upper hand. Firstly, employees’ social posts can generate 8 times more engagement than through your own company channels. Secondly, now more than ever, word of mouth and trust plays an important role in your overall brand reputation. People value recommendations from peers and family members over all sorts of advertisements so you need to start tapping into your most powerful brand advocates; your brand influencers – your people.

💡Setting the floor for your employees to engage in advocacy is a unique opportunity to build loyalty and nurture your relationship with both employees and customers.  Regardless of the channels and formats, your employees need structure, encouragement, and time to become active advocates.

💡In this webinar our Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition Specialist Karelle Bélanger will give you concrete examples: why employee advocacy matters, how to engage your employees and most of all, where to start.

Practical details

Webinar host: Karelle Bélanger

📅 4.4.2023 at 11-11:45 (EET)

💻 Online webinar

🗣 Language: English


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Employees are your secret employer branding upper hand. An ambassador program is a systematic approach for you to harness the full potential of employees' voices on social media and offline.

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