Why Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition need each other!🦓

Did you know that the Ostrich and Zebra work together to stay alert to predators’ attacks, relying on the excellent eyesight of the zebra and the great sense of smell of the ostriches? Without one another, their chances of survival are reduced significantly, however, together they maintain a heightened chance of seeing another day! Like Ostriches and Zebras, Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition strategies rely on each other’s activities for the success of your business!

Increasing your productivity with quality hires

In the tech sector, the talent market is hot and has been for over a decade! Even in this economic situation where layoffs are happening around the world, it remains a talent-driven market. As opposed to an employer-driven market, talents now have the upper hand, they get to choose where they want to work, and companies need to sell themselves with a competitive, yet authentic promise of a better tomorrow.  

Most companies haven’t been able to keep up with the talent shortage and rapid growth of the industry, leaving your talent pipeline either empty or full of irrelevant candidates. With high recruitment costs, it is crucial to hire talents that match your company’s needs as well as fit your organization.

Recruitment is a two-way process. It is like falling in  love –

Both parties need to feel the spark to achieve the perfect match. 

For too long recruitment has been focused on publishing job ads and collecting as many resumes as possible, leaving your talent pipeline short on quality candidates. This is inefficient and frustrating for everyone involved and often doesn’t lead to the desired outcome. The reality is that your recruiters don’t need thousands of CVs, they only need two quality candidates that answer your business needs and will increase your overall value.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to headhunt. You would always have a warm talent pipeline to tap into, keeping the cost and time per hire minimal. You can achieve a warm pipeline of quality candidates by creating touchpoints with your key talent segment before they even enter your recruitment process. This is what employer branding can do! Similar to zebra and ostrich, when talent acquisition and employer branding collaborate, it will enable both areas to reach their full potential.

Building an authentic employer brand that truly reflects your people

Employer branding is quite a new concept in itself, taking roots in the United States in the 90s and slowly conquering Europe. As the trends are entering the Finnish market a couple of years behind, it still leaves employer branding a mysterious concept for many companies.

In a nutshell, employer branding is uncovering your genuine employee experiences to showcase your authentic employer identity. It is defining your unique value proposition and key selling points to differentiate yourself from other competitors. Employer branding is built on factors such as employee experience, employer image, and reputation – leading to awareness, attraction, and retention.

Building your employer brand has several benefits such as increasing your employee advocacy and retention rate, increasing your brand awareness and reputation, as well as increasing your authentic organic marketing and social media reach. It also helps to drive inbound sales traffic and most importantly, it increases the number of quality applicants in your pipeline making hiring easier, faster, and more efficient. Nowadays, it is also increasingly a factor, which investors look at: both your employee experience as well as your employer brand.

Employer branding works hand in hand with your management, HR, Talent Acquisition, and Marketing to showcase your genuine employee experiences to the outside world. It gives potential employees a glimpse into your workplace; the culture, your values, growth opportunities, and compensation. All in all, the main focus of employer branding is to align the reality and expectations of working for your organization.

Wouldn’t you prefer to work for a company that your peers recommended? Well, that is what the research says: people follow people! It’s a fact.

At Finders Seekers, we have researched, listened, and acted on our clients’ needs. We challenge them to break free of the conventional and think differently. The result is the creation of a brand new set of services combining both Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding that best serve our clients and their business: Talent Growth teams .

Finders Seekers’ talent growth teams are a group of cross-functional talent acquisition, employer branding, and employee experience professionals tailored to your talent needs.

Are you ready to win the tech talent game? So are we!

Read more about our services and don’t let the competition hunt your talents down. Like Zebra and Ostrich, your company needs to invest in both talent acquisition and employer branding because alone you can survive predators’ attacks, but together you increase your chances of survival in this competitive market.

If you want to hear more about the Talent Growth Teams, get in touch with Anni, or Vivi on LinkedIn or reach out to Saku our Chief Growth Officer [email protected]