Three Technology Companies to Follow – Insights from the World Expo

Dubai’s Expo consisted of 192 Country Pavilions from every corner of the world. Some countries were focusing on building their country brand by showing snapshots of the most interesting places to visit while others were more focused on showcasing the latest available technologies as well as other success stories.  From the whole lot, many companies were able to pick my interest, however, you will find below a description of my top 3 picks from technology focused companies. My heart was stolen by the following companies; Terminus Group, Mobilize and Kone.   

  1. Terminus Group, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Expo’s host country UAE had, of course, a huge pavilion, but what I found the most  interesting were the robots, spread widely around the area. The robots were made by a company called Terminus. These robots infiltrated the crowd very naturally and were, among other things, welcoming Expo guests at the entrances. Some robots acted as Expo guides and even brought area maps to visitors. 

Terminus Group is a leading international AI smart service provider, shaping the next generation of technology by combining artificial intelligence & internet of things (=Artificial Intelligence of Things, or AIoT). They are on a mission to bring customers high-quality products focused on AI cities, sustainable development, and robotics.

One example of Terminus’ products is a service robot called Titan – Titan is capable of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with a flexible configuration based on customer demand. It is widely used in government affairs, banking, retail, education, public services, and other scenarios for upgrading conventional services. 

2. Mobilize, France

Mobilize is paving the way to zero CO2 by enabling cities to become increasingly breathable. Mobilize has flexible end-to-end management solutions for mobility, energy, and data. Currently, the company is developing solutions for smart energy, flexible mobility, and second-life batteries. The company is part of the Renault Group.

For individuals, Mobilize offers e.g. the Mobilize smart charge service that puts artificial intelligence at your service to optimize the cost of charging your Renault at home while reducing its CO2 footprint. Mobilize has also developed a charge pass that offers up Europe’s largest network of electric charging stations for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. With a charge pass, you can charge the vehicle with a single card regardless of the operator.  

3. KONE, Finland

As a Finn, I of course needed to see what kind of innovations Finland wanted to share with the rest of the world. One of the world’s leading elevator and escalator companies, KONE, was presenting their KONE DX Class digital experience elevators at Finland’s pavilion. It is really interesting to see how KONE connects the physical and digital world with modern technology.  

The KONE DX Class elevators bring a new user experience to life through a combination of design, technology, new materials, apps, and services. The new KONE DX Class enables customers to tailor and plug in additional software and services for elevators throughout the entire lifetime of a building. By using open application programming interfaces (API’s), KONE’s approach makes it easy to manage and integrate different devices, apps, and services with new and existing systems. For elevator passengers this brings a host of new, multisensory experiences inside the elevator, combining physical hardware and digital services. 

The next World Expo will take place in Osaka, Japan in 2025 and I’m already considering booking flight tickets. I am impatiently awaiting the next innovations, especially what we will be able to create in the next couple of years. 

P.S. Did you know that for example these two historical innovations have been presented in World Expos before?

  1. Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine – one of the first mechanical computers was on display at the 1862 London International Exhibition on Industry and Art.
  2. The first live TV broadcast was made at the New York World’s Fair in 1939. 
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