Case Study - Employer Branding

Tailored co-design workshops to ensure authentic employee voice in Employer Branding

Finders Seekers x Tietoevry

Helidona Dehari, Employer Brand Lead @ Tietoevry,  went straight to Finders Seekers for employer branding help when a change in internal resourcing meant she needed more hands on deck.

Already trusting Finders Seekers thanks to their long-standing recruitment partnership, Helidona knew Finders Seekers had the right tech talent expertise, the right EB approach, and the right attitude to help her create employee driven content and make them visible.


10+ tech hires from EB campaigns

applications coming through company marketing and referrals (attributed to Employer Branding activities).

4 co-design workshops

Target segment-specific Employer Branding Design Sprints to ensure authentic employee voice in messaging & content (inc. blogs) for landing pages & campaigns.

20+ targeted EB campaigns

Finders Seekers worked on 20+ targeted EB campaigns for different target segments during the collaboration.

14-month ongoing EB collab

Working together for a long period allows FiSe to add value to the EB function by with everyday EB sparring.

Meet the client

EB strategy to diversify local talent acquisition

Tietoevry creates purposeful technology. They want to be the merging force between technology and humanity. With Nordic roots and a global scale, Tietoevry helps reinvent the world through transforming business and technology. Tietoevry is the result of the 2019 merger of Finnish IT company Tieto with Norwegian EVRY.


Once Tieto became Tietoevry, Helidona’s focus shifted from managing EB in Finland to collaborating with other units in the Nordics. With a lot of internal changes to navigate after the merger, Helidona needed an EB partner who would be able to jump in quickly and support her with her EB projects and getting things done in an agile way. There was simply not enough hours in the day to execute all of the actions in the EB roadmap whether that was writing blogs, ideating content for campaigns, or running internal workshops.

Since Helidona already knew Finders Seekers’ quality of work within tech talent acquisition, their fun way of working and out the box approach, jumping in feet-first with an EB partnership felt like a no-brainer.


“We have known Finders Seekers since they founded the company in 2018. Also Sofia Pohls, who has done recruitment work for us for many years, is very respected in the industry and knows the scene. I knew that if I ever needed help with EB work, Finders Seekers would be at the top of my list because of that trust.”
Helidona Dehari
Employer Brand Lead @ Tietoevry


FiSe EB team’s knowledge of the tech scene and the company itself meant Helidona did not have to waste time explaining the basics during a busy time of change and transformation for her unit.

Helidona worked closely with Finders Seekers’s EB professionals Vivi Brooke and Minea Leva to co-create EB activities would support the needs of Tietoevry’s different business units:

  • EB Design Sprints facilitated by Finders Seekers to ensure talent-driven key messaging and content (Customer Experience, Digital Consulting, Healthcare Tech & Data Driven Digital Transformation)
  • EB expertise in the tech industry led to concise and creative messaging.
  • EB content creation, from blogs to campaign landing page copy texts and paid social media campaigns
  • An on-demand EB resource that Helidona could count on to spar with on strategy to hands-on implementation.

“Finders Seekers are great because they have a simple approach with creative outcomes, plus they are flexible and always ready to jump in. One of the things I value the most about Finders Seekers is that they understand the tech scene and that they have a down-to-earth approach to tech EB and recruitment. For them, it’s not just about fancy slogans, but about: hey, let’s really work with the talent and employees.”

Whether Finders Seekers were running an internal workshop with the Customer Experience business unit or coming up with copy and ideas for campaigns and blogs, the lack of a top-down approach fostered creative co-creation.


Hands-on agile EB work

Leveraging the Finders Seekers EB team to help execute and scale internal EB projects and efforts.

Tech scene EB expertise

Deep knowledge of the tech scene and its professionals ensured rapid ideation of EB actions that interest talent.

Co-creation with talent

Co-created talent messaging with employees to help hiring managers embrace customer (candidate) centrality.


Freedom to show unfinished work & iterate + radical transparency on strategy, business goals, and HR/rec/EB data ensured the best quality collaboration.


Praising Finders Seekers EB team’s efficiency, Helidona was able to quickly delegate out tasks and ideas to Finders Seekers, trusting that even without loads of backstory, they would be able to leverage and transform existing content.


“We have all had to sometimes sit in meetings with no real agendas or outcomes, but in my experience, that doesn’t happen with Finders Seekers.”


Finders Seekers workshops also added a lot of value to the collaboration, and Helidona praised the workshops for their outcomes, highlighting the brilliance of the entire Finders Seekers’ EB Design Sprint workshop concept itself.


“The Finders Seekers workshop approach is amazing! Finders Seekers use Miro, which is such a great tool (one that we also now use internally). Their workshops are just such a great way of getting so much out of people in a short time. Finders Seekers manage to be efficient, creative, and interactive, inspiring people to get involved and getting the needed input out of them. They really keep things going, even when people get stuck.”

“I am impressed with their workshops: the facilitation, the concept, the workshop itself, the outcome! They really add value!”

“I believe that working with the talent is key to finding the golden nuggets of the stories we want to share to take people along for the journey. We created the FiSe EB Design Sprints to help engage employees and key stakeholders in the co-creation of the vision, mission and purpose for the company as an employer, defining the audience and the key messaging for that audience. The workshops are always tailored for the particular talent group, business unit, company in question based on the outcome we want to achieve be that EVP, talent personas, overarching or specific brand campaigns for e.g. location or talent segment. These Design Sprints are one of my favourite parts of my job! It’s fascinating to see the magic that happens when different teams and professions gather together and co-ideate.” – Vivi Brooke, Head of Employer Branding Services & Partner @ Finders Seekers


Co-creation through workshops was a super impactful way to marry internal knowledge with Finders Seekers’s EB expertise. For example, when working with the Customer Experience team on a landing page for their current job openings, Finders Seekers were able to really spark internal ideation. Helidona would provide Finders Seekers with background information on the business unit, e.g. what they provide in terms of strategy and vision. These materials were often created from the business-side, and were not suitable for talent attraction, but through the workshop and working with the team, Finders Seekers was able to find the right messaging for the landing page, job ads, and both organic and paid social media campaigns.

One of the other things that made this collaboration so worthwhile was the sense of trust and openness between Helidona and the Finders Seekers team.


“I was very open and honest about our needs and explained that things could be ad-hoc. It was amazing that they were so flexible, always able to jump in and help out, whether it was with finding target talent key selling points and content ideas, putting digital marketing campaigns on, or blog writing.”

“As one of the first clients I got to work with when I started my FiSe journey in March 2021, it was great to work with someone who was already on the same page regarding employer branding and the amount of openness and trust present between us was a pleasant start. All we needed to do was roll our sleeves up and get to work. It really felt like Helidona was a part of our team and we were a part of her’s!” – Minea Leva, Employer Branding Specialist & Partner @ Finders Seekers

Would you recommend working with Finders Seekers?

Two things that Helidona wants to highlight as definite pros of working with an external EB partner such as Finders Seekers is the way in which Finders Seekers does authentic employee driven employer branding, and the company’s knowledge of the tech scene.

“Even without a super detailed brief they were able to leverage the material we had and make things happen. I really appreciate that flexibility and hands-on attitude.”

And, even from before with the recruitment collaboration, Helidona always got the feeling that Finders Seekers really cared about her and her needs. The Finders Seekers team members who worked with Helidona over the years such as Sofia Pohls and Johanna Ilves were very quick to share knowledge and best practice with her on a regular basis.

“Working with recruitment consultants such as Sofia Pohls and Johanna Ilves, they would always be sending me interesting and useful ideas and suggestions from their work. Things like this really add extra value and show me how much they really care.”

For Helidona, the extra resource from Finders Seekers has been an invaluable asset that has enabled Tietoevry to provide engaging and localized EB content.

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