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We build winning teams by finding you the right IT and digital talent with direct search, perfecting recruiting processes and creating magnetic employer brands driven by authentic employee experiences. We also serve you online and internationally!

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We’ll help you build a stronger bridge between your organisation and the IT talent market.

IT Recruitment

Are you in a hurry finding the best IT and digital talent for your open roles? If yes, our IT recruitment services are the right option for you. We know the reality of it, and we can most definitely help you with it.

Employer Branding

If you need to hire new people constantly, then employer branding is the the better solution for you. The best talent are drawn to the best organisations, simple as that. How’s your EB doing?


How’s your  IT recruitment and tech employer branding skills? Still a bit iffy about the ins and outs, don’t really know how to talk tech? We can train you to become a solid tech recruiter – and much more!

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How we measure our success?

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For us our customers’ success is always the priority. How have we helped them?

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Our own winning team:

We manage everything from IT direct search to candidate experience and recruitment marketing. We know what works for developers and how to bring out your organisation’s story and best qualities. That matters. No more cliches, but concrete stuff that actually works.