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Someone had to do it. To be the one to shake the recruitment industry! To question the way recruitment is still oftentimes carried out. To serve clients with the best and truly holistic recruitment services and still remain a human-to-human approach. That’s exactly why Finders Seekers was originally established!

Team of teams

Here’s our winning team! Learn what Finders Seekers is all about by getting to know each person better (click the pics).

Lassi Lankinen
Head of Sales

Lassi brings a ton of international experience to the Finders Seekers winning team. He believes that every deal should be a win-win and every conversation should be pleasant and bring extra value to the participants. Lassi’s passion is to help people find jobs, especially close to his heart is helping non-Finnish speakers landing their dream job in Finland. Lassi also has a lot of quirky, adventurous stories to tell. Ask and find out!

+358 50 331 8845
[email protected]

Petra Erkkilä
COO, Employer Branding Strategist, Co-founder

Petra is an experienced IT recruiter and IT Talent Acquisition Coach. She makes sure your organization always has the best talent by leading our Employer Branding services. Her playful character really makes her the heart of the team.

+358 400 653 089
[email protected]

Saku Ruus
CGO, Co-founder

Saku started off as an executive search consultant in the IT industry, and has been working with sales and account management for the past years. You can rest assured that you are in capable hands with Saku taking care of your talent acquisition needs.

+358 50 430 7403
[email protected]

Vivi Brooke
Head of Employer Branding

Finnish-Canadian Vivi has over 6 years of diverse experience from inhouse employer branding and employee experience roles in international tech growth companies. She is an enthusiastic and creative designer, who brings a human touch to storytelling, strategic thinking, and growth marketing tactics – not to mention her bubbly personality. Teamwork, co-design, and facilitating workshops with an inspiring and laid-back attitude are second nature to Vivi.

+358 50 572 9470
[email protected]

Johanna Ilves
Senior IT Talent Advisor

Johanna already has +8 years of IT recruitment experience and she’s been a part of over 200 IT recruits. On top of that, she has vast HR experience. Johanna is one of Finders Seekers’ most experienced IT recruiters – and a wonderful human being! She joined our customer’s recruitment team already on her 2nd day, and has gotten praises ever since.

+358 41 4388 446
[email protected]

Ida Joenpolvi
Lead, In-House Recruitment Services

For several years Ida has been recruiting and building teams for organisations of different sizes. Ida has extensive experience from recruiting to various roles everything from designers to developers. On top of candidate experience her specific interest include the development of recruitment processes and systems. Ida works as recruiter in our in-house and direct search cases.

Sofia Pohls
CEO, Co-founder

When it comes to recruitment strategy, Sofia has a natural talent for seeing the big picture. Having her help with your recruitment strategy, you can sleep easy knowing you’ll be implementing excellent new strategies in no time!

+358 50 548 9128
[email protected]

Nadia Farooq
IT Talent Advisor

Nadia started her recruiter journey in Finland at Finders Seeker as IT Talent Advisor in April 2020.Originally from Lahore, Pakistan Nadia brings a new flavor to recruitment with her prior work experience in the Middle East. She is passionate about matching the right candidate to the right job and with her positive personality she connects well with candidates and clients in understanding their needs. She can also recommend some excellent spices for your dinner table!

Nadia Farooq, potrait
Tia Suokas
IT Talent Advisor

From Singapore to Helsinki, Tia has a vast experience from business field. Her expertise and professional skills include HR-management, financial management, banking services and jurisprudence. Tia found the intriguing world of recruiting by a chance, and during the years she has grown to be a strong operative in this area. Live and learn – one of Tia’s favorite phrases. She indeed lives as she preaches: IT-consultancy is her newest professional conquest. As a counterbalance for Tia’s eventful work, she finds bird watching, outdoor activities, books, board games and sailing to be relaxing ways to spend time. As a former competitive swimmer, she also loves every hobby related to water.

+358 40 8499485
[email protected]

Tia Suokas, potrait
Joel Mustonen
Lead, Direct Search Recruitment

In recruiting Joel is expecially excited in candidate experience and improving processes. Joel became familiar with recruiting and IT industry in Sydney, where he lived for 5 years. He returned back to his home country of Finland in Autumn 2019. Joel is interested in new technologies and new ways of making recruitment happen faster – with the Australian twinkle in his eye.

+358 50 343 1816
[email protected]

Roosa Holkko
IT Talent Sourcer

Roosa became part of Finders Seekers’ new Sourcer team in January 2021. After graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration, she has been working in IT recruitment. Roosa is a social person who is always keen to match people with their dream jobs. Roosa’s positive attitude was forged during her her past experiences with team sports – she is a natural team player! Outside of work, Roosa loves creating art and trying new sports.

+358 50 388 9557
[email protected]

Roosa Holkko
Sami Ranta-aho
IT Talent Sourcer

Sami joins the Finders Seekers’ recruitment team as an IT Talent Sourcer. He is eager to make sure that the the recruitment process is equal and fair for everyone: he is passionate about helping people and brands reach their potential. Sami’s passion for building winning teams has originated from his past in student organizations. Working in student organizations has also given him a focused and solution-oriented approach to work – and a twinkle in his eye!

+358 50 305 4111
[email protected]

Maria Ruuskanen
IT Talent Advisor

Maria is a an energetic recent graduate with great communication and team working skills. She’s skilled in talent sourcing, recruitment, customer service, and sales, and due to her studies and international working experience, she thrives in global environments. At Finders Seekers Maria aims to identifying and attracting the best talent to our clients whilst helping candidates to succeed and progress in their careers.

Maria Ruuskanen, potrait
Elena Koivumäki
Senior IT Talent Advisor

Elena is an enthusiastic tech recruiter who has experience of 10 years in end-to-end recruitment for technical roles locally and globally. Aside headhunting and doing dozens of interviews ranging from data center technicians to software developers and cloud architects she does mentoring, CV clinics, and lately has also been attending coding and facilitation workshops for self-development.

Elena Koivumäki, potrait
Minea Leva
Employer Branding Specialist – Digital Marketing

Minea strengthens the marketing expertise of the Employer Branding team. The worksheet includes the design, implementation and analysis of customers’ EB marketing campaigns, as well as content creation. She also enjoys sparring on topics related to career pages and inbound recruitment methodology.

[email protected]

Minea Leva
Paula Lindvall
Office Manager

Paula is an experienced project manager and work as the helping hand of the management making sure that everything is done efficiently and successfully. She organizes everything within deadlines, even when the situation is chaotic, never losing her focus from the goal! Paula’s strengths include: managing the bigger picture, giving and creating instructions, sparring, and team leading.

Paula Lindvall, potrait
Jarkko Dahlström
Senior Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition Strategist

Jarkko has been working in recruitment and employer branding since 2008, for a total of over 13 years!  During his career, Jarkko has specialized and gained a lot of experience in employer branding, recruitment, and improving the the employee and candidate expert in the IT industry. These are also the areas that Jarkko finds himself being most passionate about in his work. Before Finders Seekers, he worked in recruitment and employer branding for an IT consultancy firm. In addition to his broad and extensive work experience from the IT sector, Jarkko has worked in finance, security, HR, and even local municipal government recruitment. Jarkko is very passionate about his work and cares deeply about the people he works with, his attitude is led by building relationships with people.

044 339 8640
[email protected]

Picture of Jarkko
Linda Joyner
IT Talent Advisor

Linda is a seasoned recruitment professional who is passionate about matching the right talent to the right place. During her career she has employed hundreds of people to different fields such as IT, tech, customer service, sales and executive roles. Easy recruitment processes and a good candidate experience are what Linda strive for each day in my work.

Linda Joyner, potrait
Anni Helinen
Head of Recruitment Services

Anni is a true Talent Acquisition professional, a recruiter at heart and trade with over 10 years of experience. What she really loves doing is recruitment development, talent strategies and employer branding. Anni can help you with anything regarding recruitment, and collaboration with her is always result-driven, but also fun!

Raghunath Koduvayur

Over his career, Raghunath has worked in different industries to gain critical skills that differentiates a great leader from the rest. Raghunath’s diverse leadership experience is a testimony to his ability to learn, take risks, plan & execute, adapt and perform in tough situations.

[email protected]
Raghunath’s personal website:  
Raghunath Koduvayur, potrait
Ida Mansikkamäki
IT Talent Advisor

This IT Talent Advisor’s heart belongs to IT recruitment and high-quality candidate experience. You should turn to Ida’s expertise when you need to find the best possible tech talent, spar about recruitment process, or get insight on where to get the best cinnamon rolls in Helsinki.

+358 44 509 0989
[email protected]

Mira Günther
Senior IT Talent Advisor

Mira has a background in IT direct search and she has versatile experience from recruiting in different roles, varying from CTO:s to junior developers. Mira brings cheerfulness in recruitments, and her interest lie especially in recruitment service design, process development and candidate experience improvement. In Finders Seekers Mira works with both direct searches and inhouse recruitments.

+358 50 3434 473
[email protected]

Jesse Helin
Senior IT Talent Advisor

Jesse takes care of Finders Seekers training offering and helps our customers to rise the level of recruitment talent through the organisation. He is an ambitious evangelist of candidate experience and a modern recruitment professional. Learning and self-development have also always been close to Jesse’s heart, so he is kind of in his element when he can be enabling others to be the best versions of themselves.

+358 50 3272 473
[email protected]


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Finders Seekers is growing fast. If you are interested in joining our fabulous team and wish to be at the frontline of recruitment’s revolution, contact us! We’re especially looking for senior IT recruiters (Juniors also welcome to message us or Connect on LinkedIn) and Sales Professionals. Drop us a line!

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Jaakko Sippola
Board Member

After a long and successful career in leading tech companies and as the Director of fundraising in the Finnish Olympic Committee, Jaakko Sippola becomes part of the Finders Seekers board. Jaakko brings in his extensive entrepreneurial experience and industry knowledge, but also strengthens Finders Seekers’ growth strategy.


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We help each other to succeed.
We are bold.
We are diverse.
We always speak our mind with best intentions in mind.
We love what we do and it shows.
We develop ourselves and the business. R&D is in our blood.

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