Case Study

Six tech talent hires in four months for a health tech startup

Meet the client

BeeHealthy is a health tech startup and platform solution developed on the Mehiläinen framework. BeeHealthy helps healthcare operatives around the world to make the digital leap. 

During the company’s first year of trading, BeeHealthy has grown at a dizzying pace: it now employs nearly 50 people. 


The talent collaboration between Finders Seekers and BeeHealthy had a pretty awesome outcome: the hiring of six new hardcore IT pros to BeeHealthy’s team. As well as the recruitment collaboration, working with Finders Seekers was a chance for BeeHealthy to adopt a new perspective on internal work processes and materials.

6 successful tech hires

In an ultra-competitive market, Finders Seekers helped BeeHealthy come out on top with full-stack, mobile, front-end, and design talent.

IT talent specialism

Finders Seekers's intimate knowledge of the IT scene helped BeeHealthy secure the best talent.

In-house talent advisory

Working with Finders Seekers helped BeeHealthy develop internal processes.​

Additional HR system support

Finders Seekers provided strategic HR advice and support.

Baseline: finding the right recruitment partner

BeeHealthy’s launch was announced to the public at the end of 2020. At the same time, the company also began large-scale hiring, creating a buzz among industry experts. However, it quickly became clear to the team that a helping hand would be needed in order to achieve ambitious talent requirements, especially when it came to finding candidates through direct search. Recruiting that many operatives in that short of a timeframe was simply not going to be possible using existing in-house resources. In addition, there was a lot of pressure on recruitment to find experienced IT pros who could operate independently and help the company scale.

Choosing a recruiting partner was, after all, an easy and straightforward process for BeeHealthy. Oskari Eskola, the company’s business director, says that Finders Seekers was chosen because of all the positive referrals the company had: “I asked the Talent Acquisition managers of three leading Finnish IT companies who they would recommend as a recruitment partner. The answer I received was unanimous: they all recommended Finders Seekers.”

“Partnering with Finders Seekers was both effortless and productive, and where needed, we will definitely continue to turn to them in the future.”
Minna Koivukangas
Talent Acquisition Lead, BeeHealthy

BeeHealthy’s Talent Acquisition Lead Minna Koivukangas and Community Developer Josetta Lehtonen tell the story of how Finders Seekers’s Senior IT Talent Advisor, Ida Joenpolvi, arrived at just the right time – according to Josetta it was like “magic”. Ida’s fast and agile responsiveness ensured that BeeHealthy’s recruitment strategy got off the ground quickly and efficiently.

When the collaboration between BeeHealthy and Finders Seekers began at the end of 2020, the main focus of the recruitment project was finding both mobile and front-end developers, as well as full-stack experts. And all of it, stat! On the other hand, it was also important to make sure that the recruitment efforts were joined up and strategic, ensuring that the right types of candidates were found.

Partnership: efficient Finders Seekers workflow

Minna and Josetta from BeeHealthy describe how the workflow between them and Ida from Finders Seekers formed naturally: “Working with Ida was straightforward and effective. All recruitment process matters were handled smoothly, systematically, and clearly; always coupled with a strong professionalism and competence.”

Ida’s rapid integration into BeeHealthy’s own team helped things run smoothly. “Ida operated like a BeeHealthy insider from the start. Communication as well as coordination were effortless, and Ida was often present in our office to meet us and get to know our ways of working”, Minna and Josetta both agree.

Ida’s expertise was also directly used in other recruitment work; BeeHealthy had recently introduced a new HR system, which Ida was also able to help BeeHealthy get to grips with.  “Introducing new systems always takes resources, so the support provided by Ida was absolutely welcomed,” Minna explains.

In the busy and occasionally hectic field of tech, communications must always be effective and clear. This was something that was also integrated and prioritized into the recruitment process. “The materials provided by Finders Seekers were professional and easy to read even in the midst of a rush”, Minna describes. In the end, the project and the whole collaboration went so well, that the original contract was extended by a month, extending the partnership until the spring of 2021.

Wrap up: how did BeeHealthy benefit?

During the collaboration, BeeHealthy successfully recruited six new experienced IT professionals. The team was joined by one mobile developer, two front-end developers, one full-stack developer and one designer.

Minna and Josetta both praise certain extra benefits of partnering with Finders Seekers. Ida’s input in recruitment expertise also contributed to the development of expertise in BeeHealthy’s own team; for example, Ida’s tips and advice in LinkedIn communication brought added value to the collaboration.

According to Minna and Josetta, Ida’s role in the project was significant. Ida’s efficient and systematic way of working is highly praised by the BeeHealthy’s team. During the collaboration, weekly progress reports were held to keep everyone aware of how the project was progressing. “Ida’s professionalism and work ethics really created the feeling that everything is in place and progressing as it should”, says Minna.

BeeHealthy’s team also praises the way FiSe’s employees worked openly and clearly throughout the whole process. In addition, other perspectives fitted in well during the project: “FiSe also took diversity perspectives well into account in its recruitment processes, which is important to us in BeeHealthy”, Minna emphasizes.

At the end of the whole project, the closing discussions between the companies were held. “It was a really well executed and nice way to complete the project together – so a special thank you for that!”, Minna praises.a

Would you recommend Finders Seekers?

BeeHealthy has only had positive experiences of working with Finders Seekers. Both Minna and Josetta would warmly recommend  Finders Seekers to other companies. BeeHealthy is open to the idea of working with  Finders Seekers when the need for recruitment arises again.

“I would definitely recommend Finders Seekers as a recruiting partner: it was a pleasure to work with Finders Seekers ”, Josetta says.

“The cooperation with Finders Seekers was effortless and productive, and if necessary, we will definitely continue to turn to them in the future”, Minna describes.

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