Employer Branding

We build winning teams by creating magnetic employer brand driven by authentic employee experiences.

We have Europe’s strongest skill combination in IT recruitment, tech employee and candidate experience design, employer branding strategy and hands-on work (including brand communications, content creation, career pages, digital marketing, data analytics, employee ambassadorship, events, trainings, partnerships etc).

Employer branding team at Finders Seekers

Employer Branding Services

Strategic Employer Branding

Strategic employer branding is all about clarifying and communicating your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to your internal and external audiences. It’s not about random activities, but actually a strategic, cross-functional entity. From the leadership group to marketing, HR, and tech teams. Want to start building your employer brand strategy with us?

EB Growth Specialist


Career Site Refresh & Design

If your target talent segment can’t easily access your career opportunities, company culture and other information – you have a problem.

We help design or re-design your career site to be more candidate friendly!

EB Buddy – sparring & workshops

Are you left alone with the development of your employer branding in your company? Don’t know where to start? Would you like a personal 1-1 sparring buddy? At Finders Seekers, we can offer you the expertise of our Senior EB professionals as your personal EB Buddy for both strategic and hands-on EB work.

It’s all about people, always. Your company’s success is dependant on how your teams and individuals succeed. Do they know this? Do your employees have the mandate and tools for being employee advocates? If not yet, Petra and Pipsa are happy to come and kickstart this in your organization through varied workshops, like: “Employee Excellence” and “Employee Advocacy”.

How can we help?

COO, Employer Branding Strategist, Co-founder

Winning Team

Meet Vivi, Jarkko, Minea – and the rest of our EB gang! Our employer branding team consists of IT recruitment, employee experience design and growth marketing experts, who are more than happy to take care of your employer branding needs. Learn more about them from here.

How can we help?

How can we help you with employer branding?

We can also help you with hands-on IT recruitment:

Inhouse Recruitment Partner

Perhaps an in-house, holistic IT Recruitment Partner from Finders Seekers would serve your needs better?

Recruitment Design

We’ll help you to really understand where you are with modern IT recruitment and how strategic employer branding would help you succeed in recruitment.

IT Direct Search

We’ll find you a senior or Android developer, a CTO, an experienced test automation pro or a needle in haystack, if that’s what you need. IT Direct Search is our greatest strength and we’re happy to help you.