Finders Seekers in EY Entrepreneur of the Year -Competition

Finders Seekers team picture

Focus on Sustainable and Profitable Business

There are 51 competitors in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year -competition. The competition wants to shine the light on hard-working entrepreneurs, who inspire others with leadership, vision and achievement. The winner of the competition represents Finland in the global EY World Entrepreneur of the Year -gala. 

Finalists are published on 12th of October and winner is chosen in a gala in 4th of November. Entrepreneur Of The Year recognizes the most ambitious leaders who are building and sustaining successful, dynamic businesses around the world.


Thrilled About Being Invited to the Competition

Sofia Pohls, the CEO of Finders Seekers, is thrilled about the competition. “Not only was our 100% year on year growth seen, but also it meant that we are well on our way to achieve something bigger”, Sofia describes. 

Integrity has always been a bit part of FiSe culture. “Our existance has always meant shaking and revolutionizing the industry and building the most magnetic company for our employees. With this nomination it feels like we are on the right track. It is such a cliché to say that people are the number one factor behind our success, so instead of staying that, I want to highlight our winning team”, Sofia says. 

Sofia is thankful for awesome FiSe employees, who are both true professionals but also fun to work with. This is how Sofia describes the situation: “This is a team filled with employer branding and talent acquisition professionals, who get to be who they are – maybe a bit goofy, very often laughing a lot. These professionals have show that you can build great business that’s fun by being inclusive, experimental and above all, a great team with psychological safety. So thank you team, and good luck to all nominees for the Entrepreneur of the Year!”