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Are you in a hurry to find the best IT and digital talent for your open roles? We know what the reality of it is, and we can help you build your winning team as fast as possible. ✊ Also online.

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Our IT recruitment services:

IT Direct Search

When you urgently need to fill 1-3 key tech roles, direct search is the right service. We’ll find you a Senior Fullstack Developer, an Android Developer or a CTO, an experienced Test Automation Pro or a needle in the haystack if that’s what you need. This is the part where you can sigh from relief: it’s our greatest strength and we’re happy to help you

Inhouse Recruitment Partner

International Recruitment and Relocation

If you want the best – the right – IT talent, you need to go global! By hiring only locally, you’re closing the door to the huge majority of the world’s talent. Let us find them for you! Don’t worry about the relocation process either, we’ll take care of that too. You can now sigh from relief! 🙌

Recruitment Design

What’s happening with your recruitment function? We’ll help you to really understand what modern recruitment is, where you are already going with it and especially, how strategic employer branding would help you succeed in IT recruitment in the future.

Career Site Refresh & Design

If your target talent segment can’t easily access your career opportunities, company culture and other information – you have a problem.

We help design or re-design your career site to be more candidate friendly!

Strategic Employer Branding

Strategic employer branding is all about clarifying and communicating your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to your internal and external audiences. It’s not about random activities, but actually a strategic, cross-functional entity. From the leadership group to marketing, HR, and tech teams. Want to start building your employer brand strategy with us?

Finders Seekers rocks! 😊 We’re growing and internationalizing fast and FS is one of our most important Talent Acquisition partners.

I can warmly recommend them.

Tiina Eronen, ONEiO Cloud
Director of People Operations

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Complementary services to IT recruitment:

Employee Excellence Workshop

1500 €

In this 4h workshop we’ll go through concrete topics, and encouragement to talk about employee experience in employees’ own social media. Host: Petra Erkkilä

Strategic employer branding

Have a continuous need for IT talent? Employer branding is not a set of random activities, but always strategic and talent-driven (in this case the hardest-to-find talent). Want to start building your employer brand strategy?

Employee Advocacy Workshop

1500 €
In this 4 h workshop you’ll get to define the optimal channels and content types for different team members. How to speak about one’s employee experience or work in private networks and social media? How does it benefit employees themselves?