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Are you in a hurry to find the best IT talent for your open roles? We know what the reality of it is, and we can help you build your winning team as fast as possible. ✊

Our IT recruitment services:

IT Direct Search

Recruitment Partner-on-Demand

International Recruitment and Relocation

Recruitment Audit

Finders Seekers rocks! 😊 We’re growing and internationalizing fast and FS is one of our most important Talent Acquisition partners.

I can warmly recommend them.

Tiina Eronen, ONEiO Cloud
Director of People Operations

Team of teams

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Complementary services to IT recruitment:

Petra (Head of Employer Branding) and Pipsa (CMO) are happy to come and kickstart your organisation’s employer branding efforts through varied workshops.
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Have a continuous need for IT talent? Employer branding is not a set of random activities, but always strategic and talent-driven (in this case the hardest-to-find talent). Want to start building your employer brand strategy?
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Do you want to reach your most relevant and potential audiences on LinkedIn, instead of generic “visibility” campaigns? Coming soon in Winter 2019!
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