How to budget your Employer Branding? – download the free Finders Seekers EB budgeting template

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We want as many companies to succeed in building their employer brand as possible.

To make EB a long term process in your organization you need to ensure that you have the funds to do impactful employer branding actions that will help you reach your employer awareness and talent growth goals.

You will find the link to download the EB budgeting template at the bottom of the page. But first, read the blog to get an idea of what to keep in mind!

A strategic tool that helps you in your yearly EB budget planning

We created a generic template that can help organizations with budgeting for different EB maturity levels. It will help you get started if you have no previous EB budget to work off of and it can also help frame your dedicated EB budget.

The EB budgeting template also helps you to:

  1. understand the entirety of what Employer Branding activities cover
  2. prepare for planning your high level themes for Employer Branding in the coming year, and support your EB roadmap building
  3. create a business case for employer branding and to get the budget your organization actually needs to succeed in talent acquisition

Should I have a dedicated EB budget?

Ideally, EB would have it’s own dedicated budget. However, what is important is to have the overview of how much certain EB actions approximately cost for the upcoming year to help guide your roadmap. Doing strategic Employer Branding is a long term process and this requires strategic budgeting for the upcoming year(s). However, it should remain relatively flexible in order to ensure you can make changes according to your short term talent needs and changes.

Keep in mind this template does not cover all aspects of EB budgeting, as different organizations do budgeting differently depending on their budgeting structure. Some organizations have a dedicated EB budget, others have never had one. In some organizations EB activities are budgeted within HR functions, Talent Acquisition team budgets, Marketing and Communications budgets or within the business lines. And in some it is a combination of many of the above. One size does not fit all. Feel free to modify for your organization’s needs!

Ensure you have the funds to build your Employer Branding in 2022 and beyond!

This is one of the starting points for your EB roadmap planning for the upcoming years! We hope that our EB budgeting template gives you, your EB clients and other stakeholders (HR, TA, MarComms, Brand, business) more clarity about the costs of employer branding. 

Go and download our template – we guarantee this will expand or confirm your insights about EB budgeting, and find budgeting one step simpler. It will make it easier for you to start budgeting to achieve your long term (and short term) employer branding goals.

💡 Download the budgeting template and drop us a line (Vivi, Minea, Jarkko & Petra), if you need help with your EB budgeting or roadmap planning!

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