For 170 years, World Expos have provided a platform to showcase the greatest innovations that have shaped the world we live in today. The latest World Expo in Dubai continued this tradition with the latest technology innovations from around the globe.


In March 2021 Minea jumped headfirst into the Finders Seekers Employer Branding team, bringing with her a mountain of marketing know-how. Her days are spent on varied tasks such as running employer brand marketing campaigns and developing career websites for clients. Minea also has a background in conducting direct searches for digital economy roles, as well as previous experience in running events and digital marketing training sessions. One of her biggest achievements so far is the digital marketing training course she created for HR, recruitment, and EB professionals in 2020: the first of its kind in Finland. The training program allowed over 500 professionals to delve into different areas of digital marketing and find out how marketing tactics and data can be used in modern recruitment and employer brand development.

Slush 2021 is almost here! Check our team’s pro tips on how to get the most from the world’s leading startup event.

EB team

Is Employer Branding budgeting on your table? Do you wonder what to include in your EB plan/strategy and how much does it cost? Tough, right? Hang in there, we’re here to help! One of Finders Seekers’ missions is to bring more clarity and simplicity to EB ambiguity. That’s why we wanted to share our expertise by developing a simple employer branding budgeting template.

minea & jarkko

Talent persona, candidate persona, candidate profile: whatever you call it, creating a talent persona is an essential employer branding exercise. For this guide, let’s use the term talent persona (talent here refers to an employee in a specific field of work, and the persona part helps color in the actual person through their interests, hobbies, and behavior).

Vivi Brooke, Anni Helinen and Sofia Pohls

Read more about our thoughts on Finders Seekers talent philosophy and what a partnership with us is like.


Rachid Khatiri joined Finders Seekers' sales team in spring 2021 as a Business Development Manager. Get to know Rachid better from his latest blog!

Tia Suokas

Our recruitment team grew last April with a new IT talent advisor Tia. Get to know Tia better from her latest blog!

Roosa & Sami

Two new IT talent sourcers joined Finders Seekers in January. Who are they and how have they found the Finders Seekers vibe so far?

A quick sketch about website structure on a paper

Read on for five expert tips on how you can improve your recruitment pages using a simple strategy that encompasses everything from chatbots to creative copywriting.

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